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Company Bliss


My mom and sister came out for a couple of weeks over summer break in their women’s flip flops and Brazilian flip flops, which is wonderful for me because it means I have some helpers with the kids.  For example, I had the kids get in their swimsuits and white flip flops yesterday and I wore my Oka b. flip flops to the pool.  My mom didn’t feel like swimming, so she stayed home.  While we were at the pool, my little sister (who is fifteen and able to wear women’s flip flops like me) was able to help me with the kids (particularly in watching my four year old son who can’t yet swim), and when we got home to toss our beach flip flops into a pile by the door, my mom had dinner waiting for us.  I can’t tell you the indescribable joy of having dinner already prepared so that the kids are wailing while I try to make it because they are starving after swimming.  

The other fun thing about having visitors is that it spurs us to go out on fun outings more often than we would otherwise.  Today, we are going to put on our Dupe flip flops and the kids will get in their blue flip flops (maybe I should wear my Brazilian flag flip flops, those are always popular) and go to the beach at the lake near our house.  I’ll have my sister to play in the sand with the older kids while I keep an eye on the baby.  And it is always fun to have some other adults to talk to.  

Then, on Monday, we’ll shed our swimsuits and get dressed in something a little bit nicer (like my Oka b. wedge flip flops) for a trip to Chicago.  I like my Oka b. flip flops for big city visits because their massage beads keep my feet feeling comfortable, and these fashion flip flops are classy enough for the big city.  I love having company.

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