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As official office greeter, surgeon’s poodle helps patients’ anxiety melt away


Dr. Kevin Petersen never considered himself much of a dog person. He didnt own one growing up and hardly had a relationship with the Jack Russell terrier his wife, Kelly, adored until its dying day.

All that mans best friend business? He didnt get it. Until a standard poodle named Bounder got him.

Some dogs get you with a whipping tail, a playful disposition or, the ol standby, a pair of puppy dog eyes, which, by the way, remain puppy dog eyes well beyond the puppy dog years. But, the then 4-year-old Bounder got Kevin with something else, something he cant quite articulate.

I could just sense who he was almost immediately, he says. Man and dog made a connection.

Two weeks after meeting him, the general surgeon shocked himself and adopted the big lug. Bounder has been a Petersen ever since.

That in itself makes for a sweet tale, but the charms of the 60-pound dog delve much deeper.

Kevin owns No Insurance Surgery, where he performs surgery on the uninsured and underinsured for an all-inclusive fee. He also founded Helping Hands Surgical Care, which provides free surgery to those with no means for it. That waiting list stretches to the hundreds. A charitable doctor is never an idle doctor.

Last summer, his wife and kids took a trip while he toiled away at the office. One day he decided to bring along Bounder, who can suffer from inconsolable separation anxiety, as Kelly puts it.

Bounder made himself comfortable in the cherry-wood digs, but every time he heard the lobby door open and close, he sprung to his feet. Most folks might see this as the turning point of a lesson to keep the dog at home. But, instead of ordering Bounder against his curious nature, Kevin let the meet-and-greet take its course. What he observed resulted in a permanent post for the poodle.

Keep in mind these patients have often lost hope in health care. Theyve heard of this doc who might be the answer they seek, but experience makes them skeptical. They exude anxiety.

And then this big, goofy dog shows up, says Kelly, and its kind of funny.

Patients are used to seeing a white coat when that door opens between the lobby and the office. But not a white coat of fluff, and certainly not four legs beneath it.

They go from tense to shocked to eased very quickly. That certain something that converted Kevin to a dog person shows up at just the right time. No barking, no jumping. Bounder lets the patient decide what to do with him, not vice versa.

That usually leads to a pat on the head, which turns to a stroke of the back, which ends with full-blown heavy petting. Touching his soft hair, not fur, feels just as good for the patients as it does for Bounder.

Kind of like the people who visit the No Insurance Surgery lobby, he just wants some attention.

His work as a pseudotherapist at 5 years old is a far cry from his former career as a professional model. That world knows him as Bound for Gold, his championship name as a show dog.

With white puffs on his crown, chest and ankles -a standard poodle show coat -Bounder made for quite the ladies man. Some might even call him a stud. OK, everyone would, especially the breeder who owned him before the Petersens.

Thats where Kevin and Kelly met him, at a breeder home. They went in search of a friend to the poodle they had at home and left with Bounders cousin, Zoe. Kevin didnt have any interaction with him during that visit, just saw him in the hallway briefly. That was enough to make him want to return 14 days later for a third family dog.

Boundy raids the food pantry, tears down backyard fences and swipes entire loaves of French bread from the kitchen counter with one turn of the head. Hes the familys lovable rascal, but hes Kevins loyal companion.

Kelly paid the two a visit at the No Insurance Surgery office recently. Bounder shot out to the lobby to give her a proper greeting. Once he got his fill of love, he headed back to Kevins personal office where his master sat at his desk.

Bounder placed one paw on the desk to prop himself into his desired position. His free paw landed on Kevins left shoulder, the other paw quickly found his other shoulder.

Its probably safe to say Kevin fully understands the whole mans best friend thing now.

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LA sheriff’s official testifies on jail brutality


LOS ANGELESThe Los Angeles County sheriffs captain who ran the Mens Central Jail joked about hitting inmates and resisted calls to investigate deputies who were accused of excessive force, according to testimony by his former lieutenant.

Michael Bornman, now a department captain, described a culture of brutality fostered by Capt. Daniel Cruz, who was placed on leave after an investigation of his tenure was launched.

Bornman testified Friday before the county commission created to address allegations of brutality inside the sheriffs jails, the Los Angeles Times reported (

He recalled a Christmas party at which Cruz laughingly reminded jailers not to hit inmates in the face, so as not to leave a mark.

While toasting deputies at the party, Cruz allegedly asked a banquet hall-full of deputies: What do I always tell you guys?

In unison, Bornman said, the jail deputiesmany of whom were also laughingresponded Not in the face, the Times reported.

Thats right, Cruz replied, according to Bornman.

Bornman said Cruzs managing style, in part, led to dozens of force and misconduct cases not being properly investigated or processed.

In his testimony, Bornman noted several instances in which Cruz resisted going after deputies for alleged misconduct, according to the newspaper. In one case, he described a roomful of supervisors watching footage of

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San Fernando official subject of police investigation


Two San Fernando councilmembers who had been romantically linked have taken out restraining orders against each other after an alleged violent confrontation, city officials said.

Councilman Mario Hernandez and Councilwoman Maribel de la Torre sought the court orders following the June 28 incident, officials said. De la Torre is also the subject of a related police investigation, officials said.

An officer responding to a call at Hernandez’s home last week found the residence had been ransacked and noticed red marks and scratches on the councilman’s neck, according to a police report.

Hernandez sought a restraining order against De la Torre, who responded in kind, officials said. De la Torre accused Hernandez of assaulting her last December, but no police report was filed.

The only thing I will say is that I have never raised my hand against her at anytime, or any other woman in my life, Hernandez said in a statement Saturday. Its just not right.

There is no excuse for that type of behavior. Those that mock this private issue, shame on them because domestic violence is not a laughing matter. For anyone to make false accusations of domestic violence mock victims of this type of abuse.

The story took an unusual twist on Monday, when the City Council, with De la Torre abstaining and Hernandez absent, voted to fire Police Chief Gil Carrillo, who was overseeing the investigation of De la Torre. Carrillo, a retired veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, said his firing came out of left field and it was a shock to him.

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Gowda meets Gadkari, official announcement soon


Karnataka CM DV Sadanand Gowda and Nitin Gadkari meeting is underway, after which the decision regarding the chief ministers post would be made public. Gowda is expected to step down paving the way for Jagadish Shettar.
The entire political situation of Karnataka was discussed. As

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NC Official Probes Utility Merger After CEO Change


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RALEIGH, N.C. July 6, 2012, 08:10 pm ET

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The sudden decision to replace the chief executive tapped to run America’s largest electric company has prompted North Carolina’s attorney general and regulators to launch investigations into whether consumers were misled.

Attorney General Roy Cooper on Friday demanded that the new Duke Energy Corp. provide all information and communications from top company officials and directors leading up to and just after the merger that was concluded on Monday. The North Carolina Utilities Commission said it’s launching an investigation and is ordering the new Duke Energy CEO, Jim Rogers, to appear at a hearing Tuesday

Cooper last year opposed a Duke Energy rate increase, which the Charlotte-based company said it needed to protect its credit rating.

“Now this significant management change within hours after the merger has put the company on credit watch, so we need to get to the bottom of this to make sure we protect consumers,” Cooper said in a statement.

Standard & Poor’s placed its ratings for Duke Energy on watch for a possible downgrade in response to the sudden leadership change. Progress Energy CEO Bill Johnson had been scheduled to lead the combined company as chief executive, but hours after the merger closed Monday, the new company announced he had decided to leave by “mutual agreement.” Instead, Rogers was remaining to run the expanded company.

The company has refused to disclose the reason for the last-minute change.

Duke Energy spokesman Tom Williams said Rogers would appear at Tuesday’s utilities commission hearing and that the company was reviewing Cooper’s request.

State law allows the utilities commission to rescind or alter its prior decision approving the merger. Duke Energy and Raleigh, N.C.-based Progress Energy said in company documents describing their merger and in sworn testimony by Johnson and Rogers that Johnson would be CEO of the combined company.

One stipulation of North Carolina regulators was that shareholders, not rate-payers, would pay the costs associated with the corporate merger. It’s not clear if Johnson’s severance package was included among those merger costs.

Johnson last week signed a three-year employment contract that was supposed to take effect Tuesday. Duke Energy reported in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing this week that Johnson is entitled to a severance, bonus and other payments of up to $10.3 million. On Friday, Williams confirmed news reports that Johnson’s combined package, including pensions and stock awards, could be worth nearly $45 million.

The combined company will serve more than 7 million customers in North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Florida and South Carolina. Duke Energy’s more than $100 billion in assets include power plants in Central America and South America and a portfolio of wind and solar renewable energy projects in the U.S.

The state investigations come after former Progress Energy board members Alfred Tollison Jr. and John Mullin III said they felt misled about the merger plans.

Mullin wrote the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, stating: “I do not believe that a single director of Progress would have voted for this transaction as structured with the knowledge that the CEO of Duke, Jim Rogers, would remain as the CEO of the combined company.”


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